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Podcast Project Plan


Main objective: Students revise their functional language at the end of a unit  by writing a situation – related dialogue, acting it out and recording it with the help of Audacity. They add their role – plays to their group glog and publish the link on the school's bulletin board for comments and future reference.

Level: Elementary/Pre-intermediate

Class type: Adults

Aim: Actively use functional language by writing and acting out situational role-plays

Time 3:-5 Minutes

Material: Computer with access to the internet / Headphones


  1. Teacher introduces class to glogster.
  2. Class is divided in groups of three, each group signs up for glogster (as a group).
  3. Each group creates their first glog introducing themselves.
  4. Teacher introduces class to Audacity (already downloaded on their computers).
  5. Each group records a short introduction and listens to it.
  6. After units 3, 6 and 7 (NEF Elementary) groups create role-plays and add them to their glogs.
  7. Groups publish links to their glogs on the school's bulletin board.
  8. Groups listen to/view other group's performance and post comments.
  9. Groups assess other group's and own performance with the help of an assessment form.
  10. Teacher gives feedback on each group's performance and assesses it on the assessment form.

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